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Looking for a way to keep warm-weather insects at bay throughout the year? Mosquito Terminators of Eastern Tennessee can help! Although many families across Tennessee attempt to protect themselves from mosquitoes and ticks by using irritating chemical sprays or citronella candles found in stores, many of these products are simply unable to ward off mosquitoes as promised. Fortunately, there are ways to kill off mosquito colonies and prevent new insects from invading in the summertime.

Mosquito Terminators of Eastern Tennessee offers a wide variety of long-term, environmentally friendly, and above all – EFFECTIVE – mosquito control services and solutions. Check out our mosquito termination programs below to find a family-friendly option that meets your pest extermination needs.

Barrier Sprays

Set up a barrier spray service for your home this summer and you’ll never have to worry about pesky pests ruining your fun outdoors! Our mosquito termination experts will work with you to create a specific mosquito control plan that meets the needs of your residential or commercial land.

Special Event Sprays

During the mosquito season, we’ll send a qualified control specialist to your home or outdoor venue every three weeks (barrier spray program) or for just one afternoon (special event spray program) to apply a fine mist of natural spray to your entire outdoor area using a backpack blower. Each of these specialized treatments is guaranteed to keep your yard mosquito free for three weeks at a time.

Automatic Misting Systems

We install a series of strategically placed misting centers throughout your property, which all release a fine mist of our natural mosquito repellant solution two to three times per day. All of the sprays we use are child & pet friendly, so you never have to worry about playing in the backyard – and our discrete misting centers are a safe alternative to loud and potentially dangerous zapping devices and traps. The consistent treatment applied throughout the summer is guaranteed to keep pests away throughout the entire season.

Commercial & Community Applications

Mosquitoes, ticks and other pesky summertime pests aren’t just an annoyance for business owners – they’re a potential liability! If you manage an outdoor business, you certainly understand the risks involved with having uncontrolled mosquito populations at your location. Traditional mosquito control methods often contain toxic chemical components and are sometimes just as dangerous to your business as the mosquitoes themselves.

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